Detailed terms and conditions of Children’s Day Giveaway Post

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Rules of the Children’s Day Giveaway:

1) LIKE Fleur Solarium’s Facebook Page. (Facebook Link)

2) FOLLOW the Facebook Page.

3) SHARE the Facebook Giveaway Post with a hashtag #fleursolariumgiveaway. (Set your shared post to public)

4) COMMENT on the Giveaway Post on the age and gender of your children and why you love to travel together as a family. For those without children, you can comment on behalf for your nephews and nieces etc…

5) TAG 3 or more friends.

6) Bonus Chance 1: Tag more friends to increase your chances.

7) Bonus chance 2: FOLLOW @FleurSolarium on Instagram and REPOST the Giveaway Post with a hashtag #fleursolariumgiveaway. (Instagram Link)

8) Contest ends on 8 Oct 2017.


1) A $50 gift voucher .

2) If total number of Likes on Facebook page exceeds 500, a $100 gift voucher.

3) If total number of Likes on Facebook page exceeds 1,000, a $200 gift voucher.

4) If total number of Likes on Facebook page exceeds 3,000, a staycation worth $300 at Hotel Jen Orchardgateway and $50 gift voucher.

5) Product gift voucher can be utilised for any products listed on Fleur Solarium. It is valid until 30 Dec 2017 for one time use only. Any unutilised voucher amount will not be encashed.

6) Staycation gift voucher is applicable for a 1 night stay at Hotel Jen Orchardgateway Singapore in the Superior Room, 27sqm in size for 2 adults. Children sharing the same bed might not be charged, subject to hotel’s sole discretion.   It is valid for weekend bookings only (Friday, Saturday or Sunday) subject to availability and cannot be used on the eve of a Public Holiday and a Public Holiday. It must be utilised by 31 Oct 2017 and is applicable for stays before 17 Dec 2017.

General Terms and Conditions:

1) Contest is opened to any participants residing in Singapore.

2) An entry is submitted when the participant completes Steps 1 to 5 of the rules of the giveaway. Bonus chances are awarded when Steps 6 and 7 are completed. Evidence of completed entries might be requested from participants prior to an announcement of a winner.

3) 1 lucky winner will be randomly selected and if the winner does not acknowledge his win by email of their particulars as requested within the stipulated date and time, Fleur Solarium reserves the right to award the prize to a replacement winner, and/or forfeit the prize.

4) The winner will be announced on Facebook and Instagram. Notification of the win will be via a private message on Facebook or Instagram. Participants are encouraged to check their messages inbox.

5) Entries after the closing date of the giveway will not be considered and incomplete entries will be disqualified.

6) The winner must utilise his prize by the stipulated date and time and failure to do so will result in forfeiture of prize, and shall not be entitled to any payment or compensation.

7) Prizes are self funded by Fleur Solarium and Fleur Solarium reserves the right to alter the terms of this promotion or withdraw any of the prizes featured without prior notice. The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

8) By submitting your information and personal data to Fleur Solarium, you agree to give consent to us collecting, using and disclosing such information for the purpose of verifying your identity, marketing purposes, and any related purposes.

9) By participating in this contest, participants agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the contest.


[Giveaway Alert] & Fun Winter Destinations in Japan to Travel with Children

It is the last quarter of 2017 and we are back on our blog with a giveaway post. Many have shared with us their vacation destination and Japan turns out to be as a popular choice. Being a Japanophile myself, I would like to offer some inspiration to top destinations in Japan to travel with children during the winter season.

giveaway main picture v1.pngBefore that, we are excited to share that we are running our first GIVEAWAY in conjunction with Children’s Day. Enter now for the chance to win up to S$200 of product gift vouchers which we hope will be useful for travellers looking for winter wear for their children as the year-end holiday season approaches.

Have not planned your vacation yet? Fret not, we also offer light sweaters that are suitable for wear in air-conditioned venues and the prize catch is a weekend staycation gift voucher at Hotel Jen Orchardgateway!

Head to Fleur Solarium’s Facebook Page to participate now. Detailed terms and conditions of our Children’s Day Giveaway are found in this post.

Fun Winter Destinations in Japan to Travel with Children

1. Winter Illuminations

winter illumination cover photo.jpgImage source here.

Winter nights come early but this is not a reason to go to bed prematurely especially when Japan hosts amazing Winter Illuminations events. There are spectacular luminary events held across the major cities and having attended one at Osaka Castle Park in 2015, i can attest to the popularity of the events.

Nabana-no-Sato-Winter-Illumination-Light-Tunnel-1-880x495.jpgRainbow tunnel.jpgImage source here & here.

Some events are ticketed, leading to better crowd controls and ticket costs may cover thoughtful items like heat packs which I received when I attended the one at Osaka Castle Park.  There will be vibrant and innovative light displays, accompanied by music which the children will enjoy. The highlight was the animated light projection on the famed Osaka Castle, which weaved a tale of culture and history, making it a good way to learn about Osaka Castle for children.

osaka illumination PNG.pngImage source here and my own.

Food stalls are usually set up as well to cater to those hunger pangs and you can get a warm drink or soup in the chill of winter, a perfect way to stay comfortable while enjoying the night lights.

Check out 2017’s list of Winter Illumination events here.

2. Shirakawago Ogimachi Village Light Up

shirakawago day.JPGImage source here.

The Ogimachi Village in Shirakawago is made up of historic farmhouses with steeply pitched roofs, well adapted to withstand the heavy snowfall experienced in this mountainous region. This UNESCO heritage site transforms into a whimsical fairytale setting during its annual illumination event, exciting both adults and children alike. The farmhouses are lit up against an enchanting snowy landscape, and the best spot would be from the Shiroyama Viewpoint which offers a birds’ eye view.

shirakawago night.JPGImage source here.

To get to the illumination event, book a bus tour early or reserve a year ahead to stay overnight at the farmhouses. Wear water resistant shoes with good traction as the paths can be slippery and covered with snow.  Ensure sufficient warm clothes as temperatures may also fall below 0 degrees.  The official website offers useful advice on what to wear and more information about the event.

3. Sapporo Snow Festival 

starwars snow.jpgImage source here.

The Sapporo Snow Festival features magnificent snow and ice sculptures amongst a carnival setting of food stalls, concerts and events. The snow sculptures are really impressive and comes with elaborate and intricate details which will fascinate children beyond the ubiquitous snowman. If you are up to venturing out in the cold after sunset, you will be rewarded with beautifully lit up sculptures and you can get a sweeping view of the illuminated festival from the Sapporo TV Tower.

sapporo snow fest night.pngImage source here & here & here.

The Tsu Dome site has giant snow slides and snow rafting activities for those who are in need of an adrenaline rush. There are also dedicated slides for toddlers who want to join in the fun and interactive snow sculptures for the little ones to explore.

snowslide.PNGImage source here.

4. Jigokudani Wild Monkey Park, Nagano

snow monkey.PNGImage source here & here.

The Jigokudani Wild Monkey Park prides itself as the only place in the world where Japanese snow macaques bathe in hot springs. These adorable macaques stay in the mountains and their natural habitat provides a scenic backdrop for visitors to the park, especially in winter where the area is blanketed in snow.

monkeymonkey-X2.jpgImage source here.

This well-known site is popular as it is fascinating to watch the macaques exhibit human-like expressions while bathing in the hot springs to ward off the cold. They are accustomed to human presence, making it possible to observe and photograph them up-close. Children will enjoy watching the social interaction amongst the playful macaques. There are also public bath houses in the Shibu hot spring town nearby, if you would like to enjoy a soak and find out for yourself how relaxed and warm those bathing macaques must have felt.

5. Niseko Ski Resort

Niseko ranks high when it comes to organising a family ski holiday in Japan. There are extensive English services available including babysitting and daycare and a huge number of snow activities catered to children from 3 years old onwards. Aside from skiing, there are snowmobiling, snow rafting and reindeer sledding to enjoy in this winter wonderland.

ski resort.PNGImage source here.

Niseko is made up of four connecting resorts, Hanazono, Grand Hirafu, Niseko Village and Annupuri and skiers can stay in one resort but are entitled to enjoy the services and activities of all four resorts.

Useful guides for planning your trip in Japan:

1) Leading Japan travel website in English. I relied heavily on this website in planning for my trips and researching on the wonderful places to visit. They did a specific post on travelling with children to Japan which is really thoughtful and goes to show that Japan is a child friendly destination.

2) I get a lot of travel inspirations from fellow mummies and Bumblebee mum is one of the blogs i follow closely. She shares a lot of itineraries in Japan that are geared for children. It is always assuring to follow something tried and tested and stamped with approval from a fellow Singaporean.

3) I also like Suitcases and Strollers which compiles an extensive amount of tips and inspiration for traveling with young kids around the world. These handy information are gathered from experienced parents and offers a vast resource of relevant information when it comes to planning vacations.


Thanks for the 100% Positive Ratings

Since the inception of Fleur Solarium 9 months ago, we have been blessed with exceptional customers who are satisfied with our service and products.  To date we have received 132 ratings on Carousell, of which 100% are positive!


We are definitely far from perfect and we are thankful to be dealing with understanding and accommodating customers. If there are anything we can do better, we are all ears.

Here’s to serving all future customers with a collection of quality and appealing winter wear for young children at affordable prices! We hope to make winter destinations within reach and allow our customers to embark on their holidays with a peace of mind.



Sizing Guide

Unclear on what sizing to get? Read on for Fleur Solarium’s sizing guide.

For a child, sizing is based mostly on height. Please advise child’s height and we will recommend the suitable size. If you have specific requirements like preference to buy one size larger for greater mileage, please let us know and we will adjust the sizing accordingly. We usually advise customers who need to dress in layers to buy a size with sufficient allowance but not to be too oversized in order for optimal warmth retention.

The average baby and toddler sizing guide is tabled below. Generally, a newborn takes size 59, while a 3 to 6 months baby can take size 66. Size 73 is recommended for a 6 to 9 months old child while size 80 can fit till 18 months old and older if the child is petite. A bigger or taller child can take size 90 from 18 months old or 2 years old and size 100 fits a 3 year old child on average.

For older children, please provide height, weight, chest, waist and hips measurements to determine a suitable sizing.

Average sizing guide for babies and toddlers.

Fleur Solarium focuses on children’s winter wear. Due to popular requests, we have stocked a limited range for adults. Please provide height, weight, chest, waist and hips measurements to determine a suitable sizing.

Guide To Purchase Your Winter Wear

Headed to a cold country for the first time with a young child? Don’t fret, here are some tips for purchasing winter wear:

1. It is the material that counts. Thick is not necessarily better in withstanding cold. Choose materials with great insulating properties like down and wool as opposed to thick cotton or a wool blended fabrics with a lower wool content. Our personal favourite is down insulation as it is lightweight, compact and retains heat well and is lasting. Always check the material of the winter wear; a padded jacket made of cotton or polyester may not retain heat as well as down or wool but if the temperature is not too cold, it is still worthwhile to purchase as it is likely to be cheaper.

2. Dress in layers. It is likely that you will split your time indoors and outdoors. Most indoor venues and transport provide heating, which become starkly warm. You would not want to be caught in a single wool or fleece layer and not be able to take off your top unless you are fine being in the nude! Likewise, you might be comfortable in an outer jacket when sightseeing outdoors but if the temperature turns cold suddenly, you would be glad to have a wool or fleece top available to wear as an additional layer underneath your outerwear. The same advice would apply to your young children. Please dress them in layers appropriately and remember to remove additional layers when you are indoors to prevent overheating. If they are engaging in physical activities, they will generate heat as well and it is fine to reduce the layers accordingly.

3. Protect the extremities. A snug fit beanie is required to prevent heat loss from the head and a loose fitting hoodie will not be sufficient. Similarly I would recommend investing in thick wool socks and to encourage your child to wear gloves to keep warm if the temperature falls below 15 degrees Celsius.

4. Research on the climate of the country of travel. Be familiar on the weather and temperature range of the country you are visiting. Stay in tune to the weather forecasts during your trip. If heavy snow or rain is expected, and your itinerary requires you to spend time outdoors, you would require a waterproof layer as opposed to a water resistant layer which can withstand light snow or rain. Down jackets are great for warmth but if wet weather is expected, a waterproof outer shell will keep the down layer dry to maintain its insulating properties. Likewise, it may be colder if wind chill is factored in so preparing for sufficient winter wear will be sensible especially if your young child is travelling to a cold country for the first time.

5. Practicality and sensibility prevail, when travelling with young children. It is unlikely that you will bring your young child out in a heavy snowstorm or let a baby flip and crawl about in snow. Bearing this in mind, if you have a budget to work with, it is not necessary to spend on items like snow boots for a baby who cannot walk independently or invest in a high grade waterproof ski suit for a toddler who will spend limited time out in the snow. Do not add stress to your trip planning if you factor in these practicalities in mind. Always take the cues of your young child, if they start to display signs of cold like having runny nose or shivering or being cranky and clingy, it is time to head indoors. Lastly, unforeseen weather may force you to change your plans but your young child might just be as happy to watch the snowfall in the warmth of a cabin or touch a snowball and build a snowman rather than go skiing or sledging in a snowstorm with low visibility.

General recommendations to dress a young child:

Above 20°C: Dress in normal long sleeves and pants as the base layer while the outer layer can be a lightweight fleece or cotton jacket.

Between 10°C to 20°C: A lightweight down, fleece or polyester jacket would be better outer layers. Wearing a beanie, wool socks and gloves will be ideal.

Between 0°C to 10°C: A good lightweight down jacket (80 to 90% down content) and an additional middle layer comprising of fleece or wool. A beanie, wool socks, gloves and scarf will be essential.

Below 0°C: Wear minimally 3 layers or add a 4th layer if required. Prepare a wool layer as additional or consider wearing a wool based layer for more effective heat retention. Limit your outdoor time if necessary.

Some useful articles to share: Down vs Wool, Down vs Synthetic, More tips.

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Fleur Solarium’s blog. We have set out a FAQ as a guide on winter wear recommendations and how to go about purchasing. You are welcomed to drop us a private message if you require further assistance. Thank you for visiting us!

1. How to go about a purchase: Visit our Facebook page to drop us a private message or email us at if you are interested to purchase.

For attire recommendations, kindly provide:

  1. age, gender and height of child;
  2. climate/ temperature range of travel destination; and
  3. date of travel.

2. How to determine the correct sizing: We have published a separate note which you may refer to at this link. We also welcome interested customers to try on the ready stocks we have at our Jurong East home based shop if they prefer sizing assurance.

3. What type of winter wear is suitable for my travel? We have published a separate note which you may refer to at this link.

4. Are ready stocks available? Ready stocks are available in limited quantities. To keep costs low, we do not carry much inventory. To get sizing assurance, please rely on the measurements of the items we provide. We generally require a lead time of 2 weeks to do a preorder.

5. What is our exchange policy? We allow exchanges for sizing provided that there are ready stocks available. Refunds are carried out only if we fail to meet your preorders before you travel.

6. Where is Fleur Solarium’s shop and what are the contact details? We operate a home based shop at Jurong East Central (3 bus stops from Jurong East Bus Interchange on Bus 334). We can be reached on private message or email at . We also have a presence on Carousell.

7. Where are the collection points if I prefer to self collect? Collection is available at Tanjong Pagar & Bugis on weekdays or at Jurong East & Chinese Garden on all days. Meet ups in town is also possible on weekends subject to special arrangements.

8. What mode of payments are available? Currently we accept payments in Singapore Dollars via funds transfer, DBS Paylah or OCBC Pay Anyone. Payment details will be disclosed upon purchase confirmation.

9. Do you sell outside of Singapore? We are in the midst of expanding into Malaysia and beyond. Please approach us for a discussion, we are open to shipping worldwide and the acceptance of alternative payment currencies.

10. Can i donate my preloved winter wear? As part of our initiative to contribute towards society, we run an ongoing donation drive to collect preloved winter wear. The collection will be donated to the underprivileged and needy who are facing harsh winters with insufficient warmth clothing. More details can be found at this post and we hope you can support our cause.

Welcome to Fleur Solarium!

Fleur Solarium was started in 2016 by Fleur who had difficulty sourcing for winter wear in Singapore for her 17 months old child when she wanted to travel to Hokkaido. She knew it was going to be an uphill task when she was told by a salesperson of a specialised winter wear shop to “just wrap a thick blanket around the baby” and advised her not to bring her baby along to travel.

Winter wear carried at retail stores were expensive and mostly did not have a range for babies and toddlers. Travel has became commonplace and young children are increasingly jet-setting with their wanderlust parents (with good reasons as travelling enriches minds and infant fees are a fraction of the airfare costs).

Fleur has travelled widely in her younger days and with her child to cold countries and is familiar with winter wear. With her experience, Fleur Solarium aims to provide a collection of quality and appealing winter wear for young children at affordable prices.

Fulfill your packing list before you embark on your winter holidays and travel with a peace of mind as we dress your children and keep them warm!

Blessed are the curious